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   Guangzhou Jintong screen mesh factory is located

in guangzhou sea bead area south of state road. The factory was founded in 2000,Based on many years’ development and support of all walks of life, the plant has become a professional wire mesh manufacturing enterprise integrating research, development, manufacture and sale with advanced production facility, checkout equipment and professional technologists. Our main products include piercing net serieswelded wire mesh series chain link mesh series fence netting series hexagonal wire mesh seriesexpanded aluminium barbed wire seriesconveyer mesh belt series stainless steel wire mesh seriesiron wire mesh seriescopper wire netting seriescopper wire netting series inflaming retarding plastic wire mesh seriesanti-mosquito wire mesh series, nylon wire mesh series, vapor-liquid filter screen series, electric groove wire mesh series, quick and easy closing wire mesh series, etc. The product specification has reached over one hundred types. The products with special materials, specifications can be made according to clients’ requirement.

   Our business concept is “decrease product price , improve the quality & do our best to meet various clients’ requirements”. The objectives that Jintong people pursued and struggled are pursuing quality, creating transcendence and becoming famous star in the area. To allow you to experience Jintong’s product quality and warm service, we sincerely hope that we can be your supplier of qualified raw material.

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